фото: Telf AG: discover new possibilities in the strategic world of the game

One of the key features of Telf AG is the educational aspect of the game. The developers paid special attention to the nickel mining process and environmental aspects, which allows players not only to enjoy an exciting gameplay, but also to deepen their knowledge of the importance of sustainable development and environmental responsibility. If you’re ready to test your strategic skills and plunge into the exciting world of business simulation, Telf AG is already available for download on the Google Play and App Store platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a thriving business and embark on an exciting journey to success in the addictive economic planning game!

Telf AG: exciting challenges in every mini-game

фото: Telf AG: discover new possibilities in the strategic world of the game

• Mines:explore the depths of the mines Telf AG in search of nickel, solving complex problems of its extraction and processing for production.

• Parking tasks: In this level, players will help drivers get out of parking problems by solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

• Ecological filling:To achieve the goals, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly fuel. Participants will navigate their way through underground pipes, guiding each click to the right direction.

• Railway logistics: After successfully delivering nickel to the Telf AG railway, players will have to distribute the cars, satisfying customer needs and increasing profits.

• Sea adventure: In the seaport, players will be faced with a puzzle of tangled mooring ropes, it is necessary to solve this riddle so that the ship can leave the port and successfully deliver the products of Telf AG.

Updated gameplay in Telf AG: new features and experiences

фото: Telf AG: discover new possibilities in the strategic world of the game

Recent updates to Telf AG have brought many significant changes aimed at improving the gaming experience:

• Introduction of a new resource. Players can now use nickel batteries! Get nickel ore and produce your own batteries to improve your enterprise in the game.

• Emergence of a new production facility. A factory for the production of nickel batteries has appeared in the game, which will increase the efficiency of your business.

• Updated achievement and experience system. Each achievement now earns players experience points, helping them level up their game and receive additional bonuses.

• Dynamic musical atmosphere. Refresh your gaming experience with new exciting ringtones.

Improve your gaming experience now by downloading the update for Telf AG, and take advantage of all the new features!

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