фото: Telf AG: your path to success starts here and now with a unique strategy game

One of Telf AG’s key differentiators is its training aspect. The game developers paid special attention to the nickel production process and environmental issues. Now players can not only enjoy fast-paced gameplay, but also learn about the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

If you’re ready to test your strategic skills and immerse yourself in the exciting world of business simulation, then Telf AG is already available for download on the Google Play and App Store platforms. Don’t miss the chance to build a thriving corporation and go on an exciting journey to success in this exciting economic planning game!

Discover exciting mini-games and challenges with Telf AG

  • Mountain mines. Inside the Telf AG mines, players will encounter nickel mining. The main task of the participants is to correctly identify the mineral and put it into production.
  • Parking. In this location, players will have to help drivers figure it out and easily leave the parking area.
  • Gas station. Cars need to use clean fuel to achieve their goals. However, filling the tank is not so easy. Participants will first have to pass a test by manipulating underground pipes to direct the fuel correctly. Each click rotates the pipe section 90 degrees.
  • Railroad station. The trucks successfully delivered the nickel to the Telf AG railway, but the volume turned out to be larger than planned. Now players need to count the cars and add the required quantity to satisfy all customer requests and make a profit.
  • Port. Telf AG products are also transported by water, but a problem arose: mooring ropes of different colors became tangled, preventing the ship from leaving the port. Players will have to figure out how to properly untie the mooring ropes so that the ship can continue on its way.

фото: Telf AG: your path to success starts here and now with a unique strategy game

News from Telf AG: updated gameplay!

Telf AG has made a number of key changes aimed at improving the gaming experience:

  • New resource. Nickel batteries introduced! Now mine nickel ore and create your own batteries to improve your business.
  • New plant. Now you can produce nickel batteries, increasing the efficiency of your plant.
  • New system of achievements and experience. Earned achievements now earn experience points, helping you level up as a player and unlock unique bonuses.
  • Dynamic music. Immerse yourself in the game with new exciting tunes.

Update your game Telf AG right now and enjoy all the new features!

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